Some commercial vehicle wrecks are extremely hard to visualize.  In such cases, animations are an extremely powerful tool in explaining to the jury how the wreck occurred.  The objective of the animation is to portray or convey a scene visualizing important aspects of the case in detail that otherwise cannot be achieved. Details emphasized by an animation are those dealing with timing, perspective, distance between objects, positioning of objects, sequencing of the wreck and the mechanism of injury. An animation is a visual explanation of the case.  Animations place the jurors into the situation allowing a firsthand experience of the wreck.  This form of visual testimony is key in providing to jury an effective tool for remembering the wreck.  Our animations are built only by the best animators in the business.  The animators that we use work hand-in-hand with our expert accident reconstructionist experts.  We believe that animations are a highly persuasive tool needed to properly handling a commercial vehicle case.  A few of the animations that we have used to win our client's cases are to the right in the box titled "Related Content."  As you will see, these animations allow for the visual explanation of otherwise difficult issues in a wreck.

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